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Rizzo Chung, Hong Kong

Rizzo Chung is the principal of GMC Music and the founder and director of GMC Foundation, renowned institutions for music education in Hong Kong. She has over 20 years of experience in music education, specializing in early and pre-College music education. Furthermore, she is the artistic director of the annual GMC Festival, a competition and piano festival with over 20 years of history.


A talented pedagogue, Chung has dedicated her career to the study and exploration of piano pedagogical methods from various schools. Many of her students have achieved considerable success in local and international competitions, most notably the Steinway and Sons National (China) Youth Piano Competition First Prize and Special Prize for three consecutive editions. Her students were also gold medalists at the Japan International Chopin Piano Competition, the PIARA Piano Competition Hamamatsu Japan etc. Additionally, Chung’s students also receive regular invitations to participate in top international competitions and festivals, most notably the 2nd Van Cliburn Junior International Piano Competition and the E-Competition Junior, and advanced to the semi-finals for both. Besides, her students are the scholarships recipients of the Lang Lang International Music Foundation US.


Chung is also dedicated to training musical pedagogues and scholars. Throughout her career, her students have been accepted to notable music institutions around the world. Besides individual contact with her students, Chung regularly hosts pedagogical training programmers and workshops on preparing for overseas competitions. She is currently involved in producing a video to document her pedagogical methods on piano performing, through which she intends to share her teaching experience with a wider audience and encourage other teachers to pursue the nurturing of musical talents in Hong Kong. She is passionately devoted to nurturing young musicians in their teenage years for a career in music and has recently launched the GMC Foundation Scholarship to enable young musicians to broaden their horizons on the international stage.

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